The Promise, From Horse To Human

Human, this is my promise to you:
I will do my job,
cheerfully, faithfully, obediently
I will do all my duties,
I will work till tired,
I will use every ounce of my will power to do as you ask,
I will be kind, gentle,
I will try, try, try my very hardest
as long as you do not be cruel, harsh
and niether spur nor whip me
do not punish me if I fail to understand your wishes
although I will understand what you are feeling,
I shall never be able to hear your exact words,
but I will always sense your feelings
try to comfort you when you are upset
as long as you take out no anger on me
if we can keep these promises, throughout my lifetime,
we will be the best of friends forever and ever.


Calendar of Events

2023 Class Schedule

Guest Speaking

If your club/organization is interested in learning more about Freedom Reins, please telephone board member Nancy Eckerle at 812-630-5526. We would be happy to be a guest speaker and/or have your members visit us at Freedom Reins.

Special Olympics

Each year, some of our riders and volunteers participate in the Special Olympics. Freedom Reins supports the Special Olympics.

Volunteer Training Program

Freedom Reins provides volunteers training. No experience is required to become a volunteer. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please phone Volunteer Coordinator Karissa Kelly at 812-631-9453 for more details.