In The Pasture

Horses run and run
In the pasture
Manes flowing
Tail trailing behind them
Sweat glistening their coats

Stallions gallop around,
Keeping track of their mares
Foals bucking and playing
Mares graze softly
In the pasture

And when their time ends
They will go
In the pasture
In the sky

As many know
Horses will gallop
Into our hearts


At Freedom Reins, our focus is on the ability of each rider, not his or her disability. The results are quite remarkable. These riders are an inspiration to all who have ever wanted a horse and to all who have experienced the joy of riding themselves. The horse provides the challenged rider with a feeling of freedom and independence that might be limited in their everyday life. Equine program activities are used as a form of therapy to achieve physical, psychological, cognitive, behavioral and communication goals.

The objectives of the program will vary with each rider's need. Program objectives might include:

The rider is expected to experience one or more of the following benefits: